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Head-to-Head on Headless

Whether you're a merchant, engineer, agency partner, or just plain curious about headless commerce—meet the experts here.

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Meet the all-star lineup of eCommerce experts as they share their unique view on headless commerce best practices, trends, predictions, technology, and more. And stay tuned as we continue to add more conversations and insights.

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The Agency CTO Perspective on Headless Commerce

Noah Gedrich, CTO at Zehner

Noah Gedrich is the CTO at Zehner, a leading digital agency for headless commerce builds. His series covers the agency and engineering perspective, including why a merchant may opt to outsource a build, and the criteria for a headless platform.

The Developer Perspective on Headless Commerce

Nathan Call, Lead Engineer at Enso Rings

Nathan Call is the Engineering Lead at Enso Rings, a D2C silicone ring retailer that recently went live with a headless PWA. His series dives deep into the mind of the developer and the best ways to approach a headless build. Vol I Vol II

The Nacelle Perspective on Headless Commerce

Devin Saxon, Senior Sales Engineer at Nacelle

Devin Saxon is Nacelle's Senior Sales Engineer. An expert on the thought process of technical buyers who are considering a headless solution, Devin's series offers unique insight into the questions engineers are asking and the solutions they need.

The Venture Capitalist Perspective on Headless Commerce

Damir Becirovic, Principal at Index Ventures

Damir Becirovic was the lead Series Seed Investor in Nacelle and has backed some of today’s fastest growing startups, including Bird, Boulevard, Gatsby, and more. Hear his perspective on why investors are interested in headless, the changing expectations of customers, pandemic-era shopping, and more.