Why Q4 is the Best Time to go Headless

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Q4 is usually reserved for full-on Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. Many eCommerce merchants have strict code freezes in place that don’t thaw until the new year, meaning any website changes are pushed until 2022.What if we told you headless commerce didn’t have to wait?

By starting the headless build process in Q4 with a vetted agency, merchants can still focus their in-house resources on their existing site during the holidays. Their agency of choice can do a headless build in the background,in parallel. This will allow merchants to hit the ground running come January with a fast site that keeps the sales momentum from BFCM.

Nacelle’s Evan Kravitz, will discuss this strategy with Noah Gedrich, CTO at Zehner, a top eCommerce agency with a proven record of headless build success and Matt Powell, CTO at FTD.com, who is currently working with Nacelle and Zehner on their headless build.If you have headless on the brain for 2022, this invitation is for you.

We'll cover:

  • The key to making a Q4 implementation start date realistic and successful

  • Why many merchants use agencies for headless build support

  • How merchants can work with Q1 budget constraints

  • Success merchants see after going headless

  • FTD's experience of going headless with Nacelle + Zehner