Site Speed: The Key to a Better Customer Experience and Improved KPIs

site speed webinar


Now more than ever there’s a need for speed in eCommerce. No matter what creative, differentiating projects you have cooking to disrupt the market, a lightning-fast website is crucial to support those goals.

D2C feminine care brand LOLA, and subscription payment giant Recharge, have mastered this art. And we’ll be talking all about it with them in our upcoming webinar.

Join Nacelle’s Partner Alliance Manager, Yunita Hollinger, as she discusses site speed with Anna Stearns, Senior Director DTC at LOLA and Matt Houlemard, Technology Partnerships Manager at Recharge.

We'll cover:

  • The benefits of going headless for site speed

  • The correlation between site speed and subscriptions

  • Challenges you may face when going headless