Go Headless With Shopify Plus

Use Shopify Plus as your eCommerce platform and reap the rewards of a headless PWA.

Be it through building unique online customization experiences, or improving performance for better KPIs, a headless PWA is an ideal next step for growing brands looking to take Shopify Plus to the next level. Headless commerce encompasses several areas that promote eCommerce innovation, making it the Swiss Army knife for better site performance and customer connection.

This guide will walk you through the headless PWA benefits that are available to you, all while keeping Shopify Plus as your eCommerce platform.

Go Headless With Shopify Plus Guide Cover
Shopify headless commerce guide

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Definitions and context of headless commerce and progressive web applications (PWAs)

  • How headless PWAs can impact site speed, customization, developer velocity, and expansion to improve the overall shopping experience of your Shopify Plus store

  • Examples of Shopify Plus merchants who have benefited in meaningful ways from going headless