Build vs. Buy

So, you want to go headless. Now the question is, “How?”

Your team needs to decide how to implement the best headless commerce solution for your brand. Enter the “build vs. buy” debate. Underneath the build vs. buy umbrella are different ways to build, and different ways to buy.

This guide will walk you through four ways to approach your headless build: building a custom solution in-house, tapping an agency for custom headless build support, buying an “end-to-end” headless solution, or “buy and build”—buying a solution that your team or agency can build on top of for the ideal blend of custom and out-of-the-box functionality. It includes what to look for in a headless solution and a decision making framework to follow.

Build vs buy
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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Four ways to build or buy a headless commerce solution, and the pros and cons of each approach

  • Real life examples of build vs. buy decision making considerations from D2C merchants

  • The components of a successful headless commerce solution, with an emphasis on functionality that’s not always top of mind

  • The build vs. buy decision matrix