Already Composable?

Use data orchestration to execute a multi-head strategy and gain synergy.

Not all platforms are truly composable

Over the years, legacy headless platforms have added composable features but at the end of the day, they are still "jack of all trades" systems with traditional API flows. The headless platforms designed in this era do not fuse data from the backend of both commerce and content CMS systems.

This puts an enormous amount of strain on internal resources to orchestrate these data sources in what companies call a “middle data layer”. Without a data orchestration layer, the vision and total value of a composable stack are challenging to achieve.

Data Normalization in Nacelle 

The value of using a data orchestration layer

This approach frees front end developers from the burden of fusing content and commerce, cleans up the codebase, increases velocity and opens up the door to a multi-head strategy.

Since content is a first-class citizen in Nacelle’s solution, the merchant ensures storytelling stays at the center of all brand and shopping experiences. It is this unique blend of commerce and content that fuels merchant growth in their composable commerce journey.

Once commerce and content data are ingested, it is transformed, stored and indexed, making backend joining and fusing of data from many different systems possible with a single API. 

Nacelle acts as a layer of abstraction, allowing merchants to make changes to their CMS and backend commerce systems without forcing a full refractor on the front end.

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