For business leaders
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Nacelle was built for the digital-savvy Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who’s looking to execute on a bold vision in a non-traditional way that differentiates the customer experience through storytelling, edges out the competition and generates ROI.

Use storytelling as a differentiator

As more people access products and services online, consumers are continuously placing high expectations on a merchant’s ability to entertain and engage with them outside of just selling a product. Storytelling is an impactful way merchants can create a deep connection and develop more meaningful relationships with their consumers.

The best business leaders know that it takes more than just commerce data to capture and keep consumers interested. It’s the fusion of both commerce data and storytelling content that’s required to win in a highly competitive environment. 

Nacelle was built to give business leaders the agility to be flexible and make changes on the fly. A merchant that has a composable stack can quickly build unique performant front-end shopping experiences without being hindered by a limited tech stack and inefficient resources.

Edge out the competition with a multi-head strategy

Merchants today still continue to struggle with syndicating their product content to multiple channels. So, it goes without saying that it takes an excessive amount of resources to blend and deliver commerce and content data to one head, channel or endpoint. With Nacelle, business leaders can focus on executing a multi-head strategy that allows them to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

When a merchant has multiple brands, instead of having to normalize the data for each brand’s head, you can use Nacelle to share commerce and content data with one API. This boosts synergy across operations in the parent company. Not only does synergy across brands allow merchants to scale, it also allows them to gain momentum in new markets and regions.

Generate quick ROI

Business leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver increased conversion rates, average order value (AOV) and gross merchandise value (GMV). They’re hyper-focused on utilizing and spending their budgets wisely to gain the quickest and highest return.

Nacelle enables faster site speed and frees up engineering resources to focus on building dynamic and unique customer shopping experiences.

quick roi

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