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Nacelle is tailor-made for visionary Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) with ambitious goals to create an exceptional tech stack, assemble an outstanding team, and navigate digital challenges with confidence.

Build a cutting-edge commerce stack

Gone are the ways of traditional, legacy, jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none solutions. To compete in today's market, the top technology leaders in commerce are composing their way to a 10x better tech stack. They build or buy suitable systems that match the company's requirements while orchestrating the data between each node in the commerce stack.

To execute this vision, top technology leaders have recognized that data flow, abstraction and interoperability must come first in this distributed commerce world. Furthermore, the front end should always focus on performance and shopper experience excellence — this means using and supporting the latest technologies for client and server applications.

Nacelle was built for the technology leader that thinks differently than the rest. Let us take care of the backend infrastructure while you compose your stack, astonish your team and leave the competition dumbfounded.

Commerce Stack_Nacelle

Mitigate risk

Migrations are always painful. Few in commerce can consistently pull off complete platform migrations, and those can rarely escape the journey without multiple setbacks. Delays, data integrity issues and unknown system blockers almost always surface during these significant changes. While not always the team's fault, the technology department often gets blamed.

Nacelle is centered firmly around anti-rip-and-replace principles. The data ingestion engine works with the technology you already have, and once in place, the normalization process acts as a layer of abstraction. This approach decreases heavy migration and replatform risk. 

With normalization, Nacelle also ensures that any future changes you make to the stack won't require a complete refactor of all connected systems and components. The result is a significantly more agile system offering technology leaders the speed needed to keep a competitive advantage.


Recruiting world-class teams

Execution and engineering team building go hand in hand. One cannot bring their vision to life without a world-class team, but how can a brand or retailer attract such top talent?

Nacelle technology leaders regularly invest in cutting-edge technology to win. While most legacy commerce systems were built nearly two decades ago, Nacelle's modern, real-time event-driven architecture ensures that the latest front-end technology pairs well with an array of solutions used for your backend.

Stop fighting legacy architecture. Instead, use your technology team to directly impact your company's growth trajectory by building the things that differentiate your brand. This impact attracts the world's top developers who want to see how their hard work and intelligent solutions can radically transform the business.


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