Announcing Storefront SDK 2.0.0

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April 27, 2023

Brand storytelling without limitations. 

Developers at some of the most innovative brands like Rhone are increasingly being tasked with building beautiful sites that turn visitors into loyal fans. These experiences must stand apart from its competitors. Speed to market and nimbly responding to growing customer preferences are challenges developer teams face daily. That’s why Nacelle launched its latest version of Storefront SDK. We’re committed to providing developers with the tools to quickly respond to customers' needs while delivering the performance they and their marketing peers expect.

Nacelle merchants are using our SDK successfully to build the foundation for its headless ecommerce sites. With the release of Storefront SDK 2.0.0, they are equipped with the necessary tools to build a fully composable storefront that’s future-proofed and tailored to exceed customer expectations. The SDK is designed to be flexible and easy to use for developers while continuing to deliver faster site performance and quicker build times. 

Automatic Persisted Queries (APQ)

As GraphQL queries become complex, performance degrades due to increased latency and network usage. In order to improve performance, GraphQL responses are deployed to a CDN - which decreases load on the origin server and serves the response with much lower latency.   

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Available Client-Side Caching

APQ minimizes the time it takes to fetch data from Nacelle. But when your eCommerce project requests the same data in quick succession, client-side caching can further improve data fetching performance. It achieves this by storing the results of previous requests in a local cache. Subsequent requests will load cached results if they’re available, bypassing Nacelle’s APIs. By configuring Storefront SDK 2.0.0 with a TTL-based client-side cache, developers can avoid unnecessary network requests while enjoying total control over the freshness of their data.

Query Method / Best of GraphQL

The Storefront SDK is built with GraphQL query language. GraphQL is a powerful tool for building APIs that allows clients to specify the data they need and only receive that data in response. This approach is more efficient than traditional REST APIs, which often require multiple requests to retrieve all necessary data.

Improved Typescript Developer Experience

TypeScript developers are well aware of the benefits that the accurate types bring to project robustness and the overall development experience. But crafting TypeScript types that match data returned by a GraphQL query has been historically tedious and time-consuming. Storefront SDK 2.0.0 is designed to minimize this friction. We are proud to count Storefront SDK 2.0.0 among the handful of data-fetching packages that are fully compatible with TypedDocumentNode and GraphQL Codegen. By using GraphQL Codegen with Storefront SDK 2.0.0 in TypeScript projects, developers can enjoy fully-typed responses from the Storefront SDK's query method, without type assertions or manual typings. The result? A stellar autocomplete experience, plus safeguards against mismatches between the expectations of data-reliant components and the data itself.

custom query with Storefront SDK 2.x


The Nacelle Storefront SDK will continue to be a powerful tool for building composable ecommerce experiences. Built to be API-first, composable commerce-enabled and optimized for performance, the SDK is perfect for developers exploring composable builds. 

Read more about our Storefront SDK.2.0.0 here or book your demo today.


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