NRF 2022 Nacelle debuts headless commerce data orchestration platform

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November 29, 2022

New York, NY; January 16, 2022 – Nacelle, the data orchestration platform for truly headless commerce, today announces that it supports out of the box connectivity for all major eCommerce platforms including: Adobe Commerce, Salesforce Commerce, and BigCommerce. The company made the announcement at NRF 2022. 

Digital shopping experiences are more important than ever and retailers need to leverage the latest technology to meet customer expectations. Nacelle’s data orchestration platform enables the adoption of a modern eCommerce stack that is easy, fast, and future proof.  Using Nacelle, retailers and brands can harness the new wave of headless commerce – and flexibly adapt to technological and behavioral changes – by composing a solution that fits their specific needs. 

In the traditional eCommerce stack, tools for building a storefront–merchandising, promotion, page and layout management, orders, fulfillment–are all packaged together in “the monolith.”  Users are often stuck with tools or systems that they do not need; don’t suit their business model; or are not best in class. This can result in a shopping experience that doesn’t meet the needs of today’s consumer for speed and personalization.

“We are working with retailers and brands to future-proof their eCommerce stacks,” said Brian Anderson, founder and CEO of Nacelle. “The goal of headless commerce is to meet shoppers' expectations for speed, personalization, and innovation. To achieve this, merchants need to deploy a modern commerce approach and the technology that best suits their specific needs. Nacelle enables this transformation.”   

Nacelle offers a data orchestration platform that empowers brands and retailers to complete the first step on the road to composable commerce - the development of a progressive web application as their digital storefront.  With Nacelle, developers have one access point to all data from connected systems - including their existing commerce platform. They use a unified API  to build a bespoke shopping experience using modern frameworks like Vue or React.  

Nacelle's completely managed, event-based system ensures that data flows in a consistent and timely fashion among all the components of a merchant’s headless architecture. Without it, headless projects are bogged down while developers build out point-to-point integrations that are fragile and costly to maintain. The new out-of-the box connectivity to major commerce platforms accelerates headless projects’ time-to-value and reduces the total cost of ownership.  

“Businesses don’t know where business will be in a few years, but Nacelle can help them adapt to changes quickly,” added Anderson. “Our customers are able to cut their initial development times in half and move on to developing new shopper-facing features that differentiate their experiences - that’s the promise of truly headless commerce.”

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