Who We Are

Our mission is to fuel merchant growth by orchestrating data without limitation. 

Our founder's story


Brian Anderson started his journey as an engineer at an ecommerce agency. Frustrated with the lack of technical focus, Brian created ShopElf in 2016 as a new type of consulting firm in commerce. ShopElf brought a competitive advantage to brands and retailers by leveraging innovative engineering solutions.

The ShopElf team started by diving into headless commerce solutions with a broad scope; they solved problems related to progressive web apps (PWAs), internet of things (IoT), and composable APIs that interacted with satellite networks. Brian became a thought leader in the space and was a featured speaker at several headless conferences and ShopElf began to shake up the industry.

But a problem perplexed the team; headless work was challenging because robust composable infrastructure was missing from the industry. Tired of relentlessly building and maintaining custom servers and DevOp solutions, Brian began architecting and designing a multi-tenant system to ingest, normalize and syndicate commerce and content data. 

The architecture for this new platform would streamline the data flows, data structures, indexing systems and APIs needed to execute composable headless projects consistently. Realizing that the opportunity for this solution stretched well beyond the consulting firm, Brian raised capital from notable commerce angels and venture investors, and Nacelle was born.

Meet our leadership team

Brian Anderson
Jennifer Krizanek
SVP, Marketing
Miko Roller
SVP, Sales
Dana headshot LI
Dana Fadel
Head of Product
Spencer Smitherman
VP, Customer Experience
Bradley Kessel_VP_Finance_Nacelle
Bradley Kessel
VP, Finance

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Who we aspire to be

We’re not interested in being like everyone else. We’re hyper-focused on making big changes, disrupting the market and being BOLD.


First principles thinking

We’re always asking questions, thinking for oneself, having a fundamental understanding of the problem and coming to a conclusion.


Grit and perseverance

We know nothing worth doing is ever easy. We’re ambitious, motivated, passionate and love a good challenge.


Hyper-obsessed with our customers’ growth

We firmly believe in our customers' growth, which is why our success is directly tied to yours. When you succeed, we thrive.

Status Up

The expectation bar is never high enough

Meeting today’s requirements is not enough for us. We’re always pushing for a 10x solution that has the potential to change the entire industry.


Ambition fuels transformation

Small unnoticeable incremental changes don't win. We wake up every morning thinking about how we will change and disrupt the world.