Remove replatforming risk

Nacelle’s proprietary three-tier architecture lends itself to an anti-rip-and-replace migration strategy that avoids massive, risk-laden replatforming projects.

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Challenges of replatforming 

Migrating to a new commerce platform is a complex project riddled with business, technical and personal risk. Often costs are higher than expected, timelines are longer than anticipated and results under deliver — and typically the migration of the data is the most critical.


Anti-rip-and-replace solution

Nacelle’s ingestion engine is technology agnostic, which means it can pull in data from any system including many legacy solutions that are popular in today’s market like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and others. Instead of ripping and replacing your current technology, Nacelle binds with the technology you already have in place. By keeping your current solution, business operations do not have to change and your data does not have to get migrated to a new platform.


Generate ROI

Once Nacelle is flowing data from your current system, your team can begin to execute a compelling multi-syndication strategy which can include high-performance progress web apps (PWAs). These PWAs can be built quickly, which means the ROI for your digital composable journey, measured with quick time-to-value and higher conversion rates, can be realized within months, not years. 


Optimize business operations

With Nacelle in place and with a positive ROI in hand, commerce leaders can begin to compose their best of breed stack and steadily optimize their business operations. This is unlike other competitors who force you to do a full data migration in order to begin your composable journey. Over time, you can begin to phase out your legacy backend systems. This approach mitigates risk to both your business and your career.

Build the experiences you want
without the risk of having to replatform