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Flip your legacy commerce system inside out and start your composable journey today.

Flexibility, productivity and velocity challenges

Lacking flexibility, merchants are frustrated with their platform's inability to infuse and incorporate individual best-of-breed solutions. This lack of flexibility leads to a decrease in productivity and velocity, stunting growth in the process.

Popular legacy platforms like Magento, Shopify, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud were all designed nearly two decades ago. The world has changed a lot since then. Gone are the days of fitting multiple “just good enough” solutions into one box.


Flip legacy systems inside out

Unlike other commerce platforms that try to be everything to everyone, Nacelle’s composable first technology flips the traditional monolithic inside out.

It does this by ingesting data from individual best of breed systems, so you can compose the 10x commerce stack you want – giving you the agility needed to build unique and dynamic shopping experiences, while optimizing business operations for growth.



Composable 2.0

Unlike other commerce systems that claim to be composable, Nacelle focuses on data orchestration technology and not “lightweight and low value” business systems like order management, product management, and carts and checkout. Instead, we believe merchants should pick best of breed solutions that give them the agility needed to boost business performance and streamline operations.

Storytelling is the new product

At the heart of every strong brand is a great story. Content has been and will continue to be king. Nacelle understands this, which is why it focuses on not just ingesting, normalizing and syndicating product and commerce data, but also enhanced storytelling content. 

Blending commerce & content data

It is the unique fusion of these two domains in which Nacelle brings together to optimize not only the customer shopping experience, but also emphasize the way a brand resonates with their customer. By blending commerce and content data, merchants can execute on their compelling vision to drive digital growth.

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