Thinking of going headless?

Level up your customer’s shopping experience and gain a competitive edge with a multi-head strategy.

Going headless doesn't have to be difficult


Today’s customers have high demands, which means your headless execution has to be strong and risks must be reduced.

Nacelle mitigates these types of risks:

  • Difficulties associated with impossible-to-use workflows
  • Inconsistent product and content updates
  • Poor-performing front-end shopping experiences
  • Lack of analytics and tracking wreck havoc on the growth and success of your organization



Nacelle is headless-first

Nacelle’s architecture is built specifically for and only for headless shopping experiences. Unlike most commerce platforms designed nearly two decades ago, Nacelle only runs in a headless environment. When we set out to build Nacelle, we decided to commit fully to headless, and we burned the ships associated with legacy architecture. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to help merchants successfully go headless while reducing risks associated with every step of the process. Through the years we have amassed an astonishing amount of know-how, and our solutions and support teams are experts in taking merchants headless for the first time. 

The multi-head strategy

multi-head strategy

Forward-thinking digital commerce leaders know that a single head-headless strategy is not enough to win.

Today’s customers shop in many places in the digital and physical world and interact with several devices throughout their day. Industry leaders innately understand this and look at a fast-loading website as the start of the journey instead of the end goal.

Merchants want to ensure that many different shopping experiences (heads) can be rolled out quickly and efficiently. This includes in-store endless aisle and internet of things (IoT) apps, native mobile apps, and everything in between.

However, the best merchants must keep storytelling at the heart of every shopping experience. How can a multi-head strategy be efficiently rolled out if commerce and content data need to be fused into the codebase of each individual head?

Nacelle's proprietary three-tier architecture is built to solve the challenges associated with a multi-head strategy.

By ingesting data from both commerce and content systems, the fusing this data on the backend, merchants can avoid adding data manipulation logic to each head individually.

This prevents rebuilding transformation logic and code every time a new head has to be rolled out. Now your brand can focus on velocity and growth.


Ready to go headless?