Headless Starts Here

Headless commerce is predicted to go from buzzword to tech stack staple in 2021 and beyond. As your organization starts to think about leveraging a headless solution to reach goals and meet customer expectations, there are some fundamental questions and considerations that you need to understand.

Use this guide as a foundational tool as you graduate from traditional eCommerce solutions to deliver a modern customer experience. This guide covers the basics, including the technical components of a headless build, how both your team and your customers will benefit and how to get started.

headless commerce 101
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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of headless commerce, such as frontend and backend components, including progressive web applications (PWAs) and static site generation.

  • The benefits of a headless PWA (plus real-world examples) including boosted eCommerce KPIs, tech stack flexibility, and cost benefits.

  • Key considerations to think about when you are ready to go headless including resource planning and build vs. buy.