Getting the facts straight: mastering composable commerce

Featuring guest speaker Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst at Forrester


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Getting the facts straight: mastering composable commerce with Nacelle, featuring Forrester

In this webinar, you'll gain invaluable insights, including:


How to approach...

composability by flipping your commerce stack inside out


How to decide...

on the right components needed to leverage best-of-breed technology, reduce technical debt and future-proof your commerce stack

Status Up

Understand the advantages...

of composability, so you can reap the benefits and outpace the competition

You'll also hear how merchants on Nacelle experience high-performing websites that increase conversions and AOV

Your digital strategy is your own; created to bring your brand to life. That’s why your digital platform also needs to be your own. It’s got to be high-performing, agile and built for the terrain of your market. But it doesn’t come in a box anymore (did it really ever, though?).

Join Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Joe Cicman and Nacelle's CEO, Brian Anderson, for an inspiring conversation on composable commerce that you don't want to miss. Hear how they cut through the technobabble, discuss modern ecommerce technology, and take away the confusion and misinformation you and many others encounter while researching your next move on your digital commerce strategy.

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Our speakers

Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson
CEO, Nacelle
Joe Cicman
Senior Analyst, Forrester

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