Privacy Pop Sees 21% Increase in Conversions With Headless PWA

With lightning-fast page load speeds Privacy Pop’s headless PWA allows for more discoverability of their product catalog.

increase in conversion rate
increase in AOV
increase in pages per session
Once I discovered how headless commerce could impact our eCommerce success, I knew we needed to go headless. Nacelle’s platform made that all possible working with our existing tech stack and Shopify Plus backend. With Nacelle + Coldsmoke Creative, we were able to launch the new site in time for the holiday season and we’ve seen phenomenal results so far.
Danny Ninete
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The Challenge

Like many online retailers, Privacy Pop prioritizes marketing efforts that bring customers directly to their eCommerce store. Yet when customers would get to the brand’s webstore, they were met with a slow and underperforming site. With a long list of product colors and patterns to choose from, Privacy Pop’s product pages would load at excruciating slow page load speeds that often resulted in bounces and lack of catalog exploration. 

Danny Ninete, the brand’s CEO, knew there had to be a solution available for faster browsing and improved display of Privacy Pop’s offerings, a solution that would encourage customers to discover more and ultimately find the right bed tent for them. Danny started researching how to increase page load speeds and the direct correlation between page load speeds and conversion rates + average order value (AOV). That’s when Danny discovered headless commerce.

The Result

Once Danny learned about the benefits of headless commerce, he knew he needed to move forward, and quickly, in time for the approaching holiday shopping season. That’s when he turned to Nacelle as the leading headless commerce platform. Nacelle had existing integrations into his current tech stack and experience launching impressive brands with even more impressive turnaround times. 

Nacelle partnered with System Integrator, Coldsmoke Creative on the build for their web development expertise. The two teams worked together to rebuild Privacy Pop’s site on a headless PWA using Nacelle + Contentful (headless CMS) + their existing eCommerce Platform, Shopify Plus

Privacy Pop’s new headless PWA boasts 38-millisecond page-to-page change load speeds. They have seen a 21% increase in conversion rates, an 8.7% increase in AOV and a 190% uptick in pages per session.

"This was an exceptional headless PWA build and we couldn't have done it without Nacelle. Everyone was incredibly responsive and helpful as we navigated the process and bugs were fixed the same day.”

- Mark Shesser, CEO of Coldsmoke Creative

About Privacy Pop
About Privacy Pop

Privacy Pop is a unique private getaway right in your own home. The direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand offers indoor bed tents for adults, children and even pets who want seclusion for bedtime, naptime, playtime and alone time. Founded in 2011 in Southern California, Privacy Pop’s products are specifically designed for better sleep, portability and easy storage. Their bed tents reduce ambient light and can be used with existing mattresses and bed frames of all sizes.

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